Enagage your users with agents and voice

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Enagage your users with agents and voice


Technology is not just a tool but an extension of our personal and professional lives. So, the importance of personalization in User Experience (UX) cannot be overstated. As we move towards a more AI-integrated world, the way users interact with digital platforms is changing. Personalization is at the heart of this transformation, offering a unique blend of convenience, relevance, and engagement that is critical in today’s digital landscape. In this article, we briefly introduce our idea of products with personalization. These ideas would simplify complex navigation, enhance real-time collaboration, and make digital interactions more natural and user-friendly.

Our Thinking

Our thinking is that - it would be easier contextually and financially to embed AI into the components of an applications than trying to build an AI with the full context to control an entire application. With this philosophy, we set out to build user centric AI tools & solutions .

The AI tools which we envisage are:

  • Text Agents: Text based virtual assistants using chatbots.
  • Voice Agents: Dynamically Interact with website elements using voice
The Power Of Internal Facing Chatbots - Internal Omnichannel

We are believers in the power of internal facing chatbots to improve collaboration and efficiency in the organisation. This can be especially useful for organisations which need to collaborate in real time between their employees who are physically in different locations. Text messaging using WhatsApp has turned out to be a preferred channel of many people. We envisage a solution which would be able to coordinate tasks between different channels as preferred by the business. For example, if user A prefers WhatsApp, user B prefers the chat widget on the App Dashboard, user C prefers email. Work can be coordinated across these users on different channels in real time. This could be helpful for startups which would like to avoid investing in custom made apps for the organisation. Also, from an engagement perspective it gets difficult to mandate users (your employees) to be always available on the official app. Additionally onboarding temporary workers and engaging them is more work compared to using their existing preferred channels.

An E-commerce example of an internal omnichannel could be:
An E-commerce Cart Coordinator Agent: An AI agent who coordinates between people and APIs. For example when a shipping order is placed, the chatbot would send a message to the packaging agent to pack the order. The agent would reply to the bot when packed and the bot would then message the shipper to pick the order and so on.

Voice Engage

Interacting with another human is very natural to us. And the future may be - us talking to an AI generated agent.
But possibly before that, we will see the existing infrastructure of the web enhanced with AI capabilities. A small step towards that direction could be enhancing specific web elements with AI capabilities.

As an example a “Sign up” button on a website, would talk to you and ask your email address in the voice of your favourite personality. You would say your email address and the voice could ask you to check your email for a link to validate it.

If these ideas interest you, we should talk.

This kind of voice-based interactivity can create a more personalized and engaging user experience, potentially increasing user interaction and satisfaction. It may be important to ensure these voice features align with the overall user experience design of the brand. This kind of voice control works well for brands that are conscious of accessibility needs, as these features make the website more user-friendly for individuals with physical disabilities. Additionally, brands targeting generation Z may benefit, as this demographic often prefers voice commands over typing. E-commerce sites can also benefit from utilizing voice search and navigation to streamline the shopping experience, thereby making it easier for customers to find and purchase products.

We would love to know your views and to join us in this exciting journey, one AI-powered solution at a time.

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