Make Your GPT

Using OpenAI you can now create custom versions of ChatGPT.

Build Your GPT — No Coding Required

Open AI announced that anyone can create their own GPT. What does this mean and how it can benefit you is explained below. If you would like to read the announcement it is available here. You can now leverage AI within your organisations.

For Organisations:

For a large organization, such as a global financial services firm, a custom GPT can be tailored to understand and process complex financial language, regulatory details, and customer queries. This could transform their customer service department, providing instant, accurate responses to client inquiries, freeing up human resources for more complex tasks, and reducing operational costs. Furthermore, by analyzing customer interactions and feedback, the AI can help in identifying trends and making data-driven decisions, leading to more strategic investment insights and improved customer satisfaction.

On the other hand, a small organization, like a local artisan coffee shop chain, could utilize a GPT to enhance its customer engagement and marketing. A personalized chatbot could provide customers with recommendations on coffee blends, take orders, and even provide detailed information about the coffee's origin and brewing methods, all in a conversational, user-friendly manner. This level of interaction not only increases sales but also builds a loyal customer base that feels connected to the brand.

In both cases, the integration of a custom GPT helps these organizations to not only cut down on costs but also to create a more personalized and efficient customer experience, which can significantly drive up profits.

For Subject Matter Experts

Whether you are deeply versed in legal matters, healthcare, technology, or arts, you can now craft a GPT that reflects your expertise and shares your knowledge widely.
For instance, a legal expert might use a custom GPT to create a virtual assistant that can provide preliminary legal advice, explain complex legal terms in layman's language, or offer guidance on common legal procedures. This opens up new revenue streams for the expert through subscription services or pay-per-query models.

Similarly, a healthcare professional could build a GPT to serve as a first line of informational support, offering basic health advice, explaining symptoms and conditions, or helping with diet and wellness planning.

For individual consultants or private practice professionals, this new wave of AI technology can significantly amplify their reach and service delivery. By creating a GPT with their specific expertise, they can extend their reach to a global audience, providing insights, consultations, or tailored content without the constraints of time zones or physical location. The AI can interact with multiple users simultaneously, providing personalized assistance as if the expert were present.

For educational content creators or tutors, a custom GPT can revolutionize the way learners interact with educational material. These experts can design interactive learning modules where the GPT engages students in dialogues, quizzes them on key concepts, and adapts to their learning pace for a more personalized experience.

Using the above techniques, subject matter experts can generate income streams. Subscription models for ongoing content updates, on-demand advice, or personalized coaching sessions can all be automated to some extent with AI, ensuring a steady revenue while maintaining high-quality service provision. This can be especially advantageous for those wishing to scale their operations without a proportional increase in workload or expenses.

For Creators/Builders

App developers and tech enthusiasts can utilize a custom GPT to create more intuitive and interactive user interfaces for their products. By integrating AI that can understand and predict user needs, the apps can become more user-friendly, offering assistance and resolving issues in real-time. This not only improves user satisfaction but also significantly cuts down on the resources needed for customer support.

Moreover, for creators and builders looking to monetize their expertise and content, GPTs can be a lucrative tool. By setting up premium AI services that offer more detailed guidance, personalized content creation, or specialized knowledge, they can create new income streams. For instance, a fitness coach could develop a GPT-powered training assistant that provides personalized workout and nutrition plans, accessible via a subscription model.

You can read the original announcement in the below tweet.

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