Add OpenAI Assistants to Your Website or WhatsApp

For Whatsapp, Websites and Apps

Add OpenAI Assistants to Your Website or WhatsApp

 ( Embed to your website or connect to you WhatsApp business account )  


Having a sophisticated chatbot on your website or WhatsApp can significantly enhance user engagement as well as provide instant support to your visitors. The Predictable Dialogs app allows you to easily deploy quality chatbots powered by OpenAI's advanced language models. This blog post will guide you through the process of creating an OpenAI assistant, integrating it with your website or WhatsApp through the Predictable Dialogs app, we shall also delve into the nuances of OpenAI Assistants versus GPTs.


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We at predictable dialogs are building user centric AI tools and solutions to embed AI into websites & apps and to connect AI to WhatsApp.


Integrating Your OpenAI Assistant with the Predictable Dialogs App

Once you've created your OpenAI assistant, the next step is to bring it to life on your digital platforms. The Predictable Dialogs app simplifies this process, whether you're targeting your website or aiming for a presence on WhatsApp.


For Your Website


To embed your OpenAI Assistant on your website using Predictable Dialogs, follow these steps:


  1. Gather Your Credentials: Note down your assistant's ID and your OpenAI API key.

  2. Input Credentials on Predictable Dialogs: Log into your Predictable Dialogs account and enter the assistant ID and API key in the designated fields.

  3. Obtain the Embed Code: After inputting your credentials, Predictable Dialogs will generate an embeddable JavaScript (JS) code. Click the "Install" menu on the navbar to get the embeddable JavaScript (JS) code.

  4. Embed on Your Website: Place the JS code in your website's HTML, in the desired location where you want the chatbot to appear.

For WhatsApp


Deploying your chatbot to WhatsApp, especially for business accounts, opens up a vast communication channel with your audience. The process involves:


  1. Acquire WhatsApp Credentials: Ensure you have your WhatsApp Token and WhatsApp PhoneId ready. These are specific to WhatsApp Business accounts.

  2. Enter Credentials in Predictable Dialogs: Similar to the website integration, input these credentials into the Predictable Dialogs app.


OpenAI Assistants vs. GPTs

Before we dive deeper into integration, let's clarify the distinction between OpenAI Assistants and GPTs (or custom GPTs). Both are powered by OpenAI's cutting-edge language models, but there's a fundamental difference in their application and integration capabilities.


OpenAI Assistants are designed for programmatic use, meaning they're built to be integrated with apps and websites through coding. This makes them highly versatile and customizable for various use cases, from customer support to interactive engagement.


On the other hand, GPTs, especially custom ones, are typically accessed through a built-in UI within the ChatGPT platform. While incredibly powerful and capable of generating human-like text, they lack the direct integration capabilities that OpenAI Assistants offer for digital platforms. However, developments are continuously made, and for more insights, you can explore articles on OpenAI’s blog and Predictable Dialogs.

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