Adding Predictability

About Predictable Dialogs

Adding Predictability With Generative AI

Predictable dialogs is about adding “predictability” while using large language models (LLMs). This is part of our quest to build user centric AI tools and solutions to help our customers to engage with their users .

We add predictability to LLMs by :

  • Defining the flow using our no code tool. (documentation link, requires sign-in)
  • Pre-generating data so it can pass through human approval.
  • API to consume predictable data and flows within your applications. (future)

We support openAI and our architecture is simple enough to support other LLM platforms

  • We have our proprietary no code tool to help us iterate and deploy solutions faster. (documentation link, requires sign-in)
  • We have integrations to popular platforms. Try our WhatsApp sign-up Integration here. Create your own whatsapp sign-up integration, it is simple and easy, if you have a WhatsApp business account.

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